Explore Certifications is a delivery platform for quality interactive visual tutorials that help individuals to build better resumes. It enables them to produce professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations of the highest quality standard.

“Our visual learning process empowers people with knowledge and the desire to learn more”

These will be followed by a series of apps dealing with other software applications and will use animation techniques that enable users to put expert knowledge into practice. The following are currently in development: Windows 10, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & LinkedIn.

Today everyone wants instant solutions to problems when using Microsoft Office suite, whether that is in the office or simply writing better resumes. Our apps show you visually how to solve the problem without wasting hours searching the web. The searchable content is always at your fingertips, and you know exactly where to find it again should you need it.

In today’s fast moving world and with the introduction of so many new software applications, it is virtually impossible to keep abreast of changes without having visual instructions to empower the user.

The requirement by Governments and other institutions worldwide for everything to be online makes it difficult to keep up. Explore Certifications will keep you up to date with all relevant software developments as they occur.